In the last 25 years, ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals have become an anchor in the healthcare industry and have become the primary investment for physicians to control patient care and recover lost revenue from their medical practice.

More than any other company in the industry, Solara Surgical Partners is uniquely qualified and positioned to meet the needs of physicians through:

With changes in the surgery center and surgical hospital industry, it is important to stay on top of maximizing revenue and market share. In some markets, it makes sense to have a hospital partner. Solara is experienced in managing hospital partnerships and will work with or on behalf of the physician partnerships to secure a hospital arrangement that benefits all parties.

As a physician, you and your partners have already taken the first step in developing a successful business, however, the timing may be right to allow Solara to buy a minority or majority position in the business. Solara is uniquely qualified to give the physician partners a liquidity event while shifting the long-term success and sustainability of the center to us.

Today, over half of all ambulatory surgery centers break-even or lose money. Solara sees this as an opportunity in the market. Our team is experienced in working with underperforming centers using our methods of recruiting physicians, cost measures and contracting with third party payers to turn a center around.

Planning and building a surgical facility is a complex and time-consuming process. The Solara team has a vast experience in developing de novo projects. Solara handles all aspects of development to ensure your project is built on time, within budget and positioned for success.